Compiler D8 vs DX in Xamarin Form

App Size

So one of the benefits of App Bundle is that it allows us to see the App Size breakdown on Google Play Console. I have been wanting to try the D8 compiler in an Android App for a long time.

By default, the Visual Studio 2019 would use DX but now Android Studio uses D8 and it is also possible to use it in Visual Studio. The implications being that D8 could compile to DEX in 20% less time and produce smaller DEX files than DX.

I wanted to see the impact on a bundle app and here you can see the results. In Version 1.4 of an App I have on Google Play I was using DX and now for Version 1.5, I move to D8 to see the change in performance and App Size.

App Difference Dex vs D8

As you can see the green which is the Code DEX has shrunk about 11%, this is not that big but App Size matter to users so from now on I would be using D8 by Default on all my apps.

I would like to start using R8 to but first I need to learn how to avoid apps from crashing, then I would do a Tutorial on it and check the difference in app Size.

Note: To use D8 in your projects just:

D8 in Visual Studio

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