Artificial Intelligence in 2020

Next year will be the year for artificial intelligence and some of us don’t have a clue about it. But that’s not stopping at least me from researching the state of the art.

Artificial Intelligence in 2020 new perspective.

I know that in Colombia there is not much development in this field. But this day’s knowledge is democratic and we can find information from all around the world.

As with programming people tend to believe that it is just for people with a computer science degree.

The truth is that I am a Mechanical Engineer and currently I do ASP.NET and Xamarin Forms.

So during the next couple of months, I will be trying to create a Model for artificial intelligence. And then use the model with an API in a Xamarin Forms application.

I will try to document my journey on this adventure in this little part of the internet. The idea is simple, use some information from marketing and try to create a predictive model for making a decision.

I guess is easier to say than to do, but as my curiosity about new technologies is highly demanding I will be doing the best job I can do to get a nice implementation.

There is other information on the state of the art for AI in Colombia.

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